Friday, January 14, 2011


Ft. Wayne, IN

This greeted me at the door...

"bananas." - Swole
$400  NBD.

 I couldn't even try to count all the Tap-out t-shirts at this joint. This was so bogus I can't believe I went. Although there were a few good sights here worth mentioning...

There was this one huge guy sitting in front of me who was wearing these neon bright orange suspenders over his sweatshirt. He bulldozed through his subway sandwich and Coke Zero, then got popcorn. After 2 minutes he was already tapping the bag. Then more tapping. And one more tap. The like 5 minutes later more tapping. DUDE! you finished that bag like 5 taps ago!

Also there was another dude who sat basically behind my brother who would wave a huge fucking Komets flag every time they scored a goal. Dude, this isn't Iwo Jima. My brother couldn't stop laughing at this serious fool.
It's hard to see in this picture, but I was trying to focus on the family of 5 over the doorway that was decked out in war paint. Normal family night out.
As we left the game I noticed one townie, in the sea of trash, wearing a denim jacket with (what looked like to be spray painted on)  KILL YOUR IDOLS covering the whole back. At least not everyone here is a dud. 

Church of Starbucks

My brother ate here and got really sick. To be fair, the restaurant is called "Bandido's".

 This book store ruled.

There was a woman in here (est. 40 yrs old) who was looking at books in the same section I was when her cellphone went off. Her ring tone was Tupac's "That's just the way it is". It then proceeded to go off like 6 more times. Awesome.

Some books I bought:

Salvation Army

Some stuff I picked up...

Christmas Eve Service

I tried with all my power not to be apart of this but was guilt tripped into going. But I can say in all honesty that I am so fucking glad I went. 3 Performances to make note of...

Performance #1:
The service was mostly congregational singing, which was lead by a younger dude (about 25) and an old man (probably 76). Their chemistry was apparent. 

Performance #2:
 This performance "Did not make the bulletin" (this was told to us [the congregation] before they began). Exclusive. It was a younger girl on piano and two elderly (man + woman) that sang a duet of "Child of Love". 

Performance #3:
This performance with no doubt changed my life. I think they played during the section scheduled in the bulletin under "AND MORE BAND". Cool, now I'll never no what they sang. W/E. I watched the band  (Sunday School High School-ers)  get up from the front row pew. The 25 year-old dude (from Performance #1) got up and grabbed the acoustic guitar (of course). Two girls walked up to the stage. One of them (the shorter) walk up to a microphone while the other walked to the podium where a brightly colored (children's) xylophone awaited her. Three other dudes walked up. A black kid in a south pole baby-blue fleece sat behind the drums, while the kid with hair over his eyes picked up a bass and the kid with a beard sat behind the bongos. The band began with single keys played from the xylophone. One after the other (high-to-low-high-to-low). During this introduction I got a mix of psychedelic and avant-garde vibes from this band. I was entranced. Then the bass slowly emerged on scene. The kid with hair over his eyes slowly strummed the same note repeatedly. The kid with behind the bongos closed his eyes. He started playing. The 25 year-old dude on acoustic started to play and sing while the short girl began to sing into the microphone. The black kid in the south pole baby-blue fleece remained silent and still behind the drums. I was waiting for him to make his contribution. The girl at the podium was still playing lonely keys. I watched her style, Two mallets (one in each hand), she only used one (genius). The vocals from the 25 year-old dude and short girl were soft spoken and minimal (good choice). I had no idea what the fuck they were saying. The dude on bongos was playing (still with his eyes shut) and the kid with hair over his eyes still strummin' that same note. Then all instruments drew silent except the low-to-high heartbeats of the xylophone. The single mallet hit it's last keys and they were done. As they ascended the stage only two words could dribble out of my mouth: Café Society. THIS WAS THE BAND I HAD DREAMED OF CREATING. Every detail of this band was perfect to me. I just want to remind everyone that the black kid in the south pole baby-blue fleece (I didn't forget about him) DID NOTHING! He sat behind the drums the whole time (so fucking awesome!). When we form Café Society, these guys are #1 on our list of bands of inspiration (BASICALLY CUZ WE'RE THE SAME). Now that more bands are beginning to sound like us we need to get our shit together. 

I was working on this until Café Society blinded me with intergalactic awesomeness.

This dude was at the service. He stuck out with mad style sporting this pendelton styled cardigan with a red and black flannel (Do I have to mention his hair?). I was waiting for him to pull a PBR out of his pocket during the service.

Dirty Brown drivers cap completed the look.

Curious about Café Society? We are currently getting our shit together and organizing the endless amount of material we have. In the mean time, look for the church band from Trier Ridge Community Church, or listen to Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy cuz he basically ripped off both of our styles.

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